Gonna watch a movie with mum and Melissa, thats why.

Andy and I did a charrie collab thing owo

We each made a chara and theyre brothers.

Mine is Newfoundland, which is actually really confusing to type xD

His is Nova Scotia. :3

He didnt have a name, so I showed him a bunch of mine and he ended up using Nova Scotia xD

Were gonna share the name if I make one ewe

I still havent done my homework.. //shrugs// Ill do it tomorrow or on the way to school or something xD

I usually just do it at like nine PM the day before its due, or on the way to school or at school.

Never tell my parents that xD

They think I get it done when I get it n stuff.

If I told them I did have homework, theyd make me do it right away, and itd end up really getting me mad / stressed / wanting to quit. xD

I do get it done, though. :3

Oh, hey Im getting views from New Glascow.. :O Wonder who that is. Im not too far from there, only about two hours.. Hm.. :3

I added Andys blog to my link section.

He has no say in the matter xD

I havent updated my egg section in a while.. .3. But then again, I havent gotten many eggs lately.

I forget the URL to the site my winter vulpix are on, too. >.<

But I clicked on Pepper there and solved that.

I think Im going to leave a link to that site, too xD

There. owo Done.

If I have time after the movie, Ill come back and all...

I forget what the title of the movie is xD

But yeah, I might be back later on ewe

If not, then bye guys~